The overarching international division is Plenty Food International. It monitors the consistency within Plenty Food and coordinates projects. Plenty Food International has an executive committee and works with volunteers. Some members of the board represent Plenty Food Netherlands within Plenty Food International. The branch 'Netherlands' is responsible for counselling and raising funds within the Netherlands.

Low additional costs

Plenty Food has little overhead expenditure. The board consists of volunteers. There are no hired employees. Therefore, the rake-off is negligible and it enables Plenty Food to achieve as much as possible with your donations.


In order to develop and launch a project, Plenty Food always works with reliable, local partners. Preliminary project proposals can be submitted by local organisations or by organisations willing to help out a certain area. Together with Plenty Food, a sound project proposal will be developed. These are tested against Plenty Foods' conditions.


Since Plenty Food has no hired hands, volunteers do the work. We can always use your support. You can help Plenty Food in various ways: Administrative support, educating the public at an information market, helping with IT or organising events. Please have a look at our vacancies.

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Make the world better for people, animals & nature. We are pleased with any donation we receive for the projects we support. You can present yourself as a contributor by filling out the contributor form.


Donations can be allocated by money transfer of the desired sum at account number IBAN: NL41INGB0007298241 and BIC: INGBNL2A on behalf of ‘Plenty Food International’ in Velserbroek.