Why Plenty Food

Almost 800 million people are starving worldwide. Plenty Food supports socially responsible projects that provide aid to high need populations. We work to feed the starving without harming animals or the environment.

Three reasons for Plenty Food

1. Food distribution and efficiency

Worldwide almost 800 million people have too little food. This is in sharp contrast to the increased consumption of meat in the Western World. One kilo of meat costs more than 7 kilos of plant-based food (grain or soy). Plant-based foods do not require the same extensive processing as meat; they can be eaten by people straight away! This is why Plenty Food does not collect money to be spent on cows or pigs, instead collects money for the far more efficient plant-based projects which can feed more mouths.

2. Environment and animals

Sustainability and balance are vital. In the course of food production the natural balance has to be maintained: we keep agriculture in mind, but we also focus on the everyday surroundings. Plenty Food does not support stock breeding, but focuses on plant-based projects.

3. Little expenditure on overhead

Plenty Food works with volunteers. Therefore, the rake-off is negligible and it enables Plenty Food to achieve as much as possible with your donation. To accomplish all this, local organisations are vital to our projects. They have their own local networks as well as specific knowledge to make the projects a success.

Support us

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Make the world better for people, animals & nature. We are pleased with any donation we receive for the projects we support. You can present yourself as a contributor by filling out the contributor form.


Donations can be allocated by money transfer of the desired sum at account number IBAN: NL41INGB0007298241 and BIC: INGBNL2A on behalf of ‘Plenty Food International’ in Velserbroek.